Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Jamberry Nails

Have you heard of Jamberry nails? If you have you know how AWESOME they are and if you haven't you are in for a TREAT!  You can see more on my personal website!

Adam's Favorite

Jamberry is a nontoxic nail wrap that you apply right over your natural nail in your own home. They can also be used over acrylics and are perfect for growing out short nails too.They are heat activated which makes them long lasting up two weeks on your fingernails and up to 6 weeks on your toenails.   The shields are made in the USA, nontoxic/latex-free, and never tested on animals.

Each set of wraps is Buy 3, Get 1 Free and comes with enough wraps to do your nails several times, I personally get 3 applications with my sets. That makes each application just a few dollars, which means you can have fun nails without breaking the bank!

Why I personally Love them:

  • They're quick and easy to put on at home while I'm relaxing during my children's naps
  • They're are heat activated which makes them last up 2 weeks on your nails and up to 6 weeks on your toes.
  • They come in over 200+ colors, patterns, and finishes. For a "Perfect You"
  • They come in junior sizes so your little girls can join in the fun, my 8 month old is constantly sporting them. 
  • No chipping, no drying time. With a toddler and a baby, no drying time is a major plus in my book
But, if you don't want to take my word for reasons you should love Jamberry nails as well, look at all the accreditation that is out their on these wonderful products. 

Some of my favorite designs

Ombre Polka
Mint Green & Gold Horizontal Pinstripe
Black and White Check

If you want to try them out, you can shop right from my personal Jamberry page. Your wraps arrive in 3-7 day through the postal service, which means Saturday deliveries too! You'll want to take advantage of the Buy 3, Get 1 free deal though. After I ordered 1 set, I immediately wanted more, with so many to choose from it is hard not to want more. 

If you love Jamberry nails as much as I do, you can be a hostess for an online Jamberry party and earn hostess rewards( like free and/or discounted nails for yourself.) It's really easy, we set up on online party for you and you invite your friends, and then sit back and have fun.  Let me know if you would like to sign up for an online party, and we can get one set up for you. 

Finally, if you become addicted( as I once did) you can join my team and become a consultant yourself. Becoming a consultant is a great way to earn extra cash while getting discounts on Jamberry for yourself too.

As a member of the team, you'll gets lots of support from those of us already on the team. I was a nervous to get started because I didn't like direct sales and did not like being pushy, but I have had to do neither, the wraps sell themselves!
If you become addicted like myself. To join my team, you'll purchase a starter kit for $99, which includes 4 sheets of Jamberry Nails( 3 of your choice and one the company chooses), the mini heater, an application kit( includes cuticle oil, rubber cuticle pusher, orange sticks, nail files, nail sisscors.), sample nails, order forms, and catalogs. All you need to start your Jamberry business. You can leave a comment if you are interested or shoot me an email by going to my personal website.  I hope you fall in love as I have with my Jamberry nails!

Official Jamberry Nails Application video

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