Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hospital Bill Paid!

This might sound trivial to write about on the blog, but hey it was a load off of our minds. Today we finally got Carson's hospital bill resolved, they have removed a double charge as well as 8 hours of nursing charges, for keeping us there when we truly could have been discharged earlier, too bad it took almost 8 months to get this resolved. But the greatest part of it all is that we are paying almost a 1,000 dollars less because we kept pursuing the issue and not letting it drop. The whole reason we didn't feel like we should pay for all the time spent in the hospital was because we kept asking them about being discharged because they told us we could be discharged in the morning of May 14th, but didn't get discharged until almost 10 at night, per our insistence that the doctor come and discharge him because he was noticeably different from Saturday night when he was admitted, maybe not 100% better, but better enough to go home for sure! However, lesson learned look over all medical bills, it makes me wonder how much extra I may have paid for delivery of Carson, but can't go back on that now, but for sure in the future I will be closely looking at all my medical bills. 

This is how I felt the first time the bill was calculated, I still feel like it is a lot, but more reasonable. 

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