Friday, August 9, 2013

Dickens' Family Reunion

The last Saturday in July we had the opportunity to plan and host the annual Dickens' family reunion. As you can imagine we had a major stress off our shoulders when it was all said and done, it was just a bit chaotic to say the least to plan a big shindig just a short month after bringing another baby into our family, but in our opinion it was a great success.

The morning did not start out as planed, almost every family had something come up or had slept in so we decided instead of starting up the canyon eating lunch and visiting at 11 am, we decided just to met at Nickelmania at 1 to play some games. We all had a good time!
A few times on the merry go round is all Carson needed to have fun

The Nelsons having fun, along with Nicholas as a spectator
Is Mama going to win the jackpot and take us all on a trip?
Cathy giving the boys a lecture, just kidding just having fun
Anyone up for some Ski ball? Kate is!
Even though Mathew was not feeling his best you could not tell, he always has a cheerful disposition. 
Thanks Daddy and Michelle for watching our little one while we had some fun. 
Matt giving some driving instructions to Abbie, talk about young!
A few of the girls having fun with air hockey
We spend quite a few nickels on this truck game, Carson quite enjoyed it. 
The family game it seemed, we monopolized it the entire time were at Nickelmania
The Langton family joining our on our family fun
We might have to have a talk with Carson about guns, okay just a game
Family Ski Ball time
Looks like Nathan might fall out of the car with Preston at the wheel, slow down!
Pile on the kids, have to get our Nickel's worth
Kate after winning 350 in tickets, she was able to get a nice piggy bank with her jackpot winnings.
See family game
Nice shot Jonathan
Pile in the clown car,  oh wait Spiderman's car
Pizza time!
Nice trick Callie

Beautiful Mama to be!
After a few times of myself getting the air hockey puke in Carson's goal, he thought he was more fun to grab the puke and place with his hands in the goal, so lets just say I annihilated my own son. 
Finally my turn!
As a family we were able to get over 1600 tickets and got Carson a basketball and some poppers.
To end the night we headed up Hobblecreek Canyon to watch an outdoor movie, like we do at my family reunion every year.  We decided to watch Toy Story 3 and have some movie snacks to go along with it. It was a unique experience that I know the kids loved, and I am sure some or all of the adults did to!
Our little Miss Sydni all bundled up by her cousin Katelyn
The kids took the extra time before the movie to go exploring around the pavilion.
The adults took the extra time to chat and the ladies painted our fingers and toes. Even Sydni got her nails painted a sparkling purple.
Getting ready for the movie
Apparently, I was correct in my thinking they did love the idea of an outdoor movie

Even though it was a stressful few months of planning it turned out great and we don't have to plan it again for another 9 years!

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