Monday, November 25, 2013

5 months

Wow, through the stress and happy times in the last fine months I still can't believe it has been five months! But here we are and our little girl is 5 months and growing ever so quickly. 

At 5 months:
  • She does a pretty good job at holding the bottle herself, especially when it is smaller 2.5 ounce bottle vs 5 oz bottle. She still seems to prefer the bottle of myself, unless it is to go to sleep at night then it is mom all the way. She is still a pretty light eater maybe that is why she is staying smaller. 
  • She loves to give the biggest smiles and sometimes we catch the funny faces as well, such a silly girl. We have yet to hear her really laugh, she seems to be content to just smile rather than laughing. 

  •  She loves her big brother, it was hard to get a picture of her staring at the camera when he came around, she loves to just watch him. He has been the closest to getting her to really laugh. It is fun to start seeing them interact more and play with each other. 

  •  There's a bright smile that she is been known to give frequently, just can't get enough of them so adorable. 

  •  She loves to play with her toes and she is one flexible girl!

  • Can sit by herself for a few seconds

  • She has recently found her tongue we caught a picture in a few post back if you are interested, for sure a Dickens tongue. 
  • Is now in size 3 diapers, only because we didn't want to go out and buy any more 2 diapers only to be stuck with them again. She still tiny compared to Carson, which I love. 
  • She loves bath time, and loves to splash and squeal
  • She is quite the talker if she is in the right mood, which generally is during church or some other quiet activity. 
  • She can now pick up toys and put her binky in her mouth if either object is in near proximity to her hands. 
  • She is still not a good sleeper, so today we are trying a very strict sleeping routine. So you might not see me out much for a little while. Including to Zumba unfortunately, but I have to take back the nights soon!
  • She is slowly getting the idea of rice cereal and the idea of solid foods. In the last month she has started grabbing for our food, so maybe she is ready for some more variety. 
  • She is getting stronger and now can pull herself up to sitting position from her bouncer. 
  • She still has not really rolled over, due to the fact she loves to be held and does not like to be 

It has been one stressful, but wonderful 5 months with this little princess of ours!

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