Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Happenings

November so far has been a pretty laid back month and I am loving it! The Halloween decorations have been taken down for the year and the Thanksgiving decorations up, every time I decoration I feel like there is something therapeutic about decorating, just love it. When everyone is wanting summer to continue, I welcome the cooler days where I can get all bundled up and watch a good movie, just love the feel of fall and winter. 

I am grateful that my kids love each other and are starting to interact more as Sydni gets older and able to do more things. Carson has even started to share things such as this sword. She is the defender of the bouncy chair and can take care of herself, however, when Daddy came at her Carson felt like he needed to defend his little sister. Love my sweet, lovable, smiley little baby and my always happy go lucky, energetic little guy. How did I become so lucky to be their Mama?
 This past Saturday we had the privilege of attending our nephew Preston's baptism,  it is hard to believe he is eight years old. When Robert and I first started dating Shauna and Doug and their little family were one of the first family members that I met, and guess who was just a little baby about the age that is Sydni is now, you guessed it baby Preston. He has grown into a wonderful young man, who is so full of life and energy and a joy to be around, we love you Preston and are pleased at your choice to be baptized. 
 These two cuties are 2 of the newest additions to the Dickens clan, Sydni and Hayley, they are about 7 weeks apart. It was fun to see them noticing each other and trying to grab each others hands and bring it to their mouth such innocence and curiosity for life. 

This past week we have seen a great difference in Sydni's demeanor  she has gone from a pretty colicy baby to a pretty content baby. We have started her on the acid re-flux medicine and that has helped as well as I have cut out most dairy from my diet, such a hard thing to do, but it has been worth it. In fact it has allowed me to spend more time with Carson, which I know he has missed, this time I was able to play with both my kids at the same time, and as you can tell Carson just loved piling on top of mom, these two are my everything. 
 In other updates Carson continues to be a pretty picky eater besides toast, oatmeal, bananas, apples, cheese sandwiches, and nutella. We are beginning to make dinner and give him some to try, but if he does not eat it he goes hungry, we believe this might be the only way to break his picky eating. Maybe if he gets hungry enough he will try something new or begin to like a certain food that he liked in the past. I think that is the most frustrating thing, he likes for example chicken and then out of the blue will not eat any chicken, what?  Well the other day we cooked up some spaghetti to see if he would like it again, and though and behold he does! He thought it was pretty need when mom slurped up the noodle, anything to make him think eating it was the cool thing to do, right? Well, he now will spaghetti or in our household magic noodles. :) He thoroughly enjoyed the experience, here's to hoping he continues to try move foods including veggies. 
 All done Mom, do you want to clean me up?
In other updates, yesterday Sydni had her first x-ray experience, and one I don't want to repeat in the near future or ever for that mater. After nap, I began nursing Sydni in the process I touched her wrist and I noticed she started to cry and big crocodile tears were streaming down her face. So I  proceeded to calm her down and repeated moving her wrist, once again same reaction. I decided I should probably take her in to get it looked at as she was also not moving her entire right arm, which was different. Upon arrival at the doctor's office, our doctor examined her arm and moved her shoulder which resulted in the same reaction, loud cries and crocodile tears, so they sent us down to get x-rays. The next part I will admit I did shed a few tears myself, because it was only me and the kids, I had to leave my little baby in the watchful care of to x-ray technicians while I stepped out to watch Carson. I had to leave my little girl on the table crying, broke my heart. Luckily it only took about 5 minutes and we were back up in the doctors office to wait for the results from the x-rays. To my surprise I noticed an immediate change in her demeanor after the x-rays. She didn't cry at all when I touched her wrist or shoulder, and she was jabbering away like nothing had happened. We waited a little while for the tests to come with the results that everything was fine. So we left the doctors office still not understanding what might have happened, but with a happy baby once again, and with the order to watch her over the next week to make sure she continues to us that arm, if she stops once again we will go in and repeat the x-rays. Talk about a scary situation to make things worse, we are not sure exactly how she could have gotten hurt, we have our theories, but nothing for sure. If I had to guess when she was sitting up propped by pillows she fell on her arm wrong and dislocated some part of her arm/wrist and with all the handling of those parts by the doctor and the x-ray techs it was popped back into place. Here's to hoping that never happens again, did not like it one bit!

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