Sunday, November 3, 2013

" A Bugs Life" Halloween 2013

To start off the Halloween week, I dressed up for a Zumba Halloween Party and had a blast dancing as a moth. 
We always have so much fun dressing up and gooving off all while burning some calories. There are prizes for just showing up and this year 4 prizes for costumes. The categories were Most Adorable Costume, Scariest Costume, Most Elaborate, and overall best costume. The winners are as followed: Scariest-Lisa  by a landslide, Most Adorable: Tie between Shelby and Amber, Most Elaborate: ME, and finally Overall: Wesley in the purple suit(so funny to watch her dance in it!) So much fun can't wait until next year. 

Then the big day came finally that we could show off our costumes, the Flick and Hopper took quite a lot of work, more than expected but they turned out AWESOME!

The Girls 
I never ended up getting a better picture of me as Gypsy the moth, thus I didn't have my antennas, they were not done by this picture. 
 Miss Sydni as Francis the ladybug, her antennas never wanted to stay on her little head. 
The Boys
Our Little Flick, by the 3rd event putting on this costume, we succeeded in keeping the hat from falling off his head. 
Hopper the grasshopper, Robert did a great job in constructing the costume, no we need to figure out a way to store it.
On the night of our neighborhood Trunk or Treat there was a little boy who loves hopper, that continued to come back time and time again to get a look at Hopper, so worth the effort to make one little kid happy. 

And finally our little bug family, the two best shots.

We ended up only making it over to the Trunk or Treat as the kids had had enough by the end and would have not done well going door to door afterwards, however, Carson went home with a nice size loot for a 2 year old. We are starting to like the themed family costumes, and might have a theme every year, and when the kids are old enough they can help pick the theme. 


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