Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Firsts

This week their has been a few new first for Sydni, from sitting up while taking a bath, to finding her tongue, to trying out banana, to finally sitting up in full sitting position from her bouncy 

She loves her baths, and if almost getting to big for her infant tub.

A Dickens' tongue it is! It is always so cool when babies start having recognizable traits and this is one for our kids, long Dickens' tongues. 
Not sure why I didn't know about these little mesh fresh feeders with Carson, but it is a pretty cool tool. I gave her an ice cube to suck on and she was content for quick some time. Next I tried banana, though she liked it, not sure I like cleaning banana, still trying to get it all out. I am sure there will be many more foods that we will try in our feeder, but for now we are slowly moving into solid foods including rice cereal. 

Love her many faces, specially trying new foods, pictures of the ice cube as well as the banana. 

She may not be able to roll over yet, but she sure loves to pull herself up to sitting position and she is pretty quick at it too!
 We just can't help but smile when you see this bright smile of hers. 
Finally just some fun pictures of her playing, she is getting pretty good an holding toys. It has been fun to watch Carson give her toys lately, he is wanting to play with her more, melts a mothers heart. 
We just love this girl!

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