Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Busy Bag Exchange

This past month 11 of my friends and I put together a busy bag exchange, we each made 11 sets of the same activity and went home with 11 different busy bags! In a previously post I mentioned for my busy bag activity,  I put together ABC playdough mats which Carson just loves. In addition to our play dough mat we have added fishing game, clothespin color matching, Sorting into paper clips into color and number cups, clothes pin shape shorting game, making shapes with pip cleaners, hiding a fish in the hymns game, a necklace making game, making felt pizzas, popsicle shapes games, and a mystery one still being made by one of the ladies. Lets just say we are loving each game, not sure which one is his favorite, but he has played most several times. 
Math Fishing Game
For now we are learning our colors mostly with this game, and will move into the numbers and addition when he gets a little bit older. 
As you can see he absolutely loves fishing. 
Learning our Colors in English and Spanish
This clothespin color matching has an easy version of just matching up the colors or a harder version when he can read. When he is older he can learn the Spanish names for his colors as well, Uncle Austin will be proud. 
Additionally he is gaining a great fine motor skill of pinching the clothes pin and is getting better with each stab at it. 
Here is a close up of what the game looks like, though we have a Spanish version rather than a French version. So simple to make and fun to play. 
Paper Clip Color/Number sorting. 
 He is getting pretty good at this game, I don't even have to start the sorting anymore, we have one smart boy!
Clothespin Shape Sorting
 "I did it!"
 It was fun to watch him squeeze the clothespin, he was using all his muscles and making sound affects. 
Pipe Cleaners
Lots of things can be done with pipe cleaners, from poking them in a salt shaker, to making shapes out of them, to threading beads on them, such a variety. 
This kept his attention pretty well, I even let Sydni pull them out which she loved. 
Find the Fish
This game is a great game for church, you hide these 4 fishes in the Hymn pages and then they find them. It keep him occupied until the sacrament!
Making a Necklace
Another great game for hand eye coordinator and fine motor skills, he patiently and neatly placed all the flowers on the string one by one. 
Pizza Felt Game
He loves putting together his pizza, there is also recipe cards to help with counting. 
Making a pizza sure takes some concentration, my mouth is watering.
Popsicle Shapes
Trying to make a 'W' but couldn't figure out why he couldn't fit them all on the card, finally he gave up and started making his own shapes. 
Being silly making his own shapes/designs. 
 A triangle
He was so proud that he made a triangle, he used the remaining popsicle sticks to make lots of triangles, way to go Bubba.  
 All the shapes/design cards we can choose from, including making our own designs.
Thanks to all the lovely ladies who put together these activities we love them! We are even probably going to make more to go in our collection, what a great idea. 

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