Thursday, January 3, 2013

18 Months!

Where has the time gone, I always heard that the baby stage went very quickly so enjoy every moment, but I never imagined it would go this quickly. But here we are 18 months since our precious little boy joined our family, and it has been the most wonderful time of our lives. Carson has just begun nursery and it was hard not to let a tear drop, realizing my baby is no longer a baby. He loved nursery, it made church easier for sure, and he was much happier at the end of church when I picked him up. It was cute, to watch him run over to me and give me the biggest hug after church, once again a tear was shed. His leaders said he was a very good boy, he even managed to dump his water cup on himself. :) He will always be our baby  even when we are old and gray, we love you Carson. 

Carson's 18 month Stats
Weight: 28 lbs 15 oz (95%)
Height: 34 inches (93%)
Head: 48.5 cm (79%)
AT 18 months:
  • He is so in love and has such a fascination with trains or "Choo Choos" as he calls them. He loves his Thomas and James, and anything that has smoke coming out is a Choo Choo. He loves to watch train shows as well as watch clips about trains on YouTube, he is 100% glued on them, and you better not turn them off unless you want World War 3.
  • He is beginning to attempt to copy words, and his vocabulary is increasing on a daily basis, some of his favorite words are "Choo Choo, Daddy, hi, bye, wader (water), eat,  ready, up poo (for up)." He even said his first sentence " I did it!" To be honest not sure how many words he knows, but I would say at least 15 to 20 words, or maybe even more. 
  • Lately he loves putting puzzles, and putting things inside of things. 
  • Carson is the of the happiest kids I know, he almost always has a smile on his face or is laughing. 
  • Loves his "B", blanket. Mom can't fool him and try to get him to take another blanket, only his green one will do. 
  • He is great with stairs and loves to go down them now like a big person, this makes mom nervous sometimes, but he is great at it. 
  • He is also starting to interact more with other kids as well as some of his favorite TV shows such as Mickey's Clubhouse, and Chuggington. 
  • The tantrums have started, and who says terrible 2's, but a good thing is I can still distract him most of the time, with other things. 
  • Carson loves to help mom, he is a great help when it comes to cleaning  and bringing things to mom and dad. 
  • He loves to wave and say "Hi" to anyone he sees, such a friendly boy.
  • He loves taking baths, and loves to splash and blow bubbles in the water. 
  • He is now a climber, and will climb up anything he can, thus why our table chairs are upside down on the floor. 
  • He recently learned how to close the door when leaving a room, such a tall boy, and now all doors are closed, and he will close them if asked to do so. 
  • He will pull up mommy's shirt and say baby, he is going to be such a great big brother. 
  • Loves to "read" and look at books, his books are never on the bookshelf!
  • Loves anything electronic, and if you leave it in his reach he will grab it, and push all the buttons. 
  • He recognizes pictures of Jesus, and it is getting fun to teach him more about the gospel.
  • Loves the snow, and can say "snow", he freaks out when we have to come inside. 
  • Many animals still say "roar", however, he has added kitty, lamb, cow, and dinosaur to the list of animal sounds he does know. He is still trying to get a few more, and sometimes can get them and sometimes he forgets. 
  • He is a fast little one, can't let him out of my site for a second, otherwise he will be gone. 
  • He understands that he needs to fold his arms when a prayer is said, and he sometimes bows his head as well. 
  • He loves his Daddy, and is sad to see him leave for work, but he is still a mama's boy when it is time for bed.
  • He now can put himself to sleep in his own crib for nap-time as well has bedtime, but I still cuddle with him, I just can't seem to give that up. 
  • He has turned into a picky eater, but that is normal at this stage I have been told. It is hard to realize sometimes he will not starve himself. Some of his favorites, is toast, strawberries, and oatmeal, and cheese.
  • He still takes 3 hour naps, and I hope this keeps going, lets me either get a nap or get things done. 
  • Loves watching movies, with Daddy on the computer. 
  • Loves to help get the groceries out of the cart, and loves and knows how to swipe a card ( are we in trouble?)
  • Will only sit in the basket in the cart and not the seat in the cart. In fact he cries pretty loud when he is put in the seat and buckled. 
  • Many people have said they just couldn't think Carson could get any cuter, and then I post more pictures and then he does it again, gets cuter! ( I could not agree more)

I could go on and on with this list, because Carson is the center of our lives, and we would have it no other way. It is hard to look back and not feel like Carson has been with us longer than just 18 months. He is such a sweet boy, who melts your heart when you get to know him, I can tell he is directly from our Heavenly Father. I think sometimes, why was I so lucky to be this little boy's mom, but I must have something that he needs and of course I do, just hope and pray that I can help him become all he can become. I look forward to seeing him grow and learn as the years go by. We love you Carson! 

Our Sweet and lovable Carson

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  1. Carson certainly is a sweet little boy. He will always hold a special place in my heart. What a cutie!