Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our New Friend

Today we made a new friend in our family, he may be a kitty, but he has stayed outside our window the whole afternoon. This morning just before noon Carson and I were putting together a couple of puzzles when out of the corner of my eye I see a little black kitty peering through our front room window. I stopped Carson and told him he had a little friend in the window, he took a few seconds to look and sure enough he saw our little friend and got the biggest grin on his face. To say he loved the kitty would be understatement, he adored the kitten at first sight. He proceeded to climb right up to the window and started petting the little kitty through the window, additionally,  anytime the kitty moved Carson started to laugh the most adorable laugh ( I have to say I am partial, but still the most adorable around!) We then decided we could go outside for a moment as the weather had warmed up a bit to get to know our little friend a bit closer. Carson loved petting the kitty and was actually very soft with the kitty, we didn't stay out too long, but the kitty followed us all the way to the front door and proceeded to come in, so I had to shut the door. No sooner had I done this than Carson had big crocodile tears streaming down his little face, he did not want to leave his new friend outside, so I opened the door for him to pet him from inside for a few more minutes, he still cried when we left the kitty outside afterwards. When we finally shut the door for good, I called the kitty and he came right back to the window, where he has been ever since. A final piece to the story, when I laid Carson down for a nap, he said "Meow, Meow," I take this to mean he still wanted to see our new little friend, lucky for us it appears this kitty will stick around for Carson to see him again after nap-time. And of course I had to document the first meeting with our new little friend. 

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