Thursday, January 31, 2013

1st Zoo Experience

I am not sure if this is a yearly thing that Hogle Zoo does but, we decided to take advantage of a free day to  take Carson for the very first time. For November, December, January, and February the last Wednesday of the month everyone can get in free at Hogle Zoo, and if you are anything like me I don't like to pay the high prices if I don't have to. We tried going in December, but we got a pretty big snow storm that day that last the entire day, so we decided we would try January, which worked out perfect. The weather, was not extremely cold and it only snowed a tad bit while we were there. But that didn't bother us as most of the exhibits during this time of the year are actually inside where it is warm and cozy. Carson could not have had more fun I don't think, he got to see animals and also got to be out in the snow which he loves. In fact, this time around I am almost sure he had more fun at times playing in the snow than looking at the animals, but no worries we got in free. We got to see many animals, unfortunately we didn't get to see my favorite animal the elephants due to weather, however, we did get to see their closest relatives by genetics, look for a picture to come in this post, pretty funny. I never realized how much fun it would be to take my own child to a zoo, as I have always loved going myself, but I have to say bringing your own kids makes it even more enjoyable and rewarding to say the least.  At the zoo if you have not been there in a while they are making significant changes which should be pretty cool, can't wait to go back in April with a friend, who can get us in for free again! 

Our First stop was to see the monkeys as well as the Ape, and as you can tell Carson loved them! He even keep calling them using monkey sounds! Ooo, Eee!

Next stop a photo shoot with the giant replica of the elephant, as mentioned this was unfortunately the only elephant we saw that day. We will have to wait to see them in April when we go again, but worth the wait for sure at least for me. 

After visiting with the otters and taping a cute video of Carson running back and forth between windows to catch a glimpse of the otters, we found a tunnel. Of course we had to take a few minutes to go through and play with the snow. 

Next Stop on our zoo trip to us to the Rocky Shores
a new exhibit that consists of California Sea Lions,
Leopard Sea Lions, a Polar bear, and a couple of 
Grizzly bears. I found out later from a friend that
we got lucky to see the Polar bear as she has been 
hanging out in her den hibernating for quite a little while. 
Carson also enjoyed watching the Sea Lions swim around, 
but only if mom held him, he didn't like to stand on 
the ledge by the glass by himself. 

This goes to show how quickly one's own personal and quiet little "Jazz hands" moment can instantly become so.....documented.  

Crossing the bridge going to visit the giraffes  big cats, reptiles, and birds. Carson did a really good job walking around most of the zoo, which for an 19 month old is pretty big.

Photo shot after visiting the giraffes including a baby giraffe which is already taller than Daddy!

We got to see a tiger, which was a highlight, because if you know Carson most animals still say roar and the tiger is no exceptions. Photo Shoot with mom and dad, what a treat!

This picture is pretty cool with Carson's reflection while looking at the Lynx, who according to Carson also says "Meow"

As promised here are two of the elephants 
closest relatives, the Hyrax! They are often mistaken for rodents, but in actuality are more closely related to elephants. 

Well there you have it our first family trip to the Zoo, we look forward to many more fun times at the zoo as a family, as we continue to grow. 

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