Monday, January 7, 2013

Dickens' Family Christmas Party 2012

I know the post says Christmas 2012, and yes the pictures do in fact say 2013, but we wanted to make sure we could get everyone there that could be there, and in fact we were only missing Callie and Brett, so not bad at all for the turnout with having such a big extended family as we do. It is sure fun to get together with a large family, and for the most part it does not take that much preparation  with so many hands pitching in to help make the party a success. First we started off the party with Sandwiches and salads, these hit the spot, for some reason when I am pregnant I grave sandwiches, it could be worse I guess.

Some of the bunch, chowing down on some delicious food. 

As you can imagine with 34 grandchildren there is a lot of energy waiting to be let go, and that is what we did next, let some of that energy go! To help this energy go we had an indoor snowball fight, a penny relay race, and what we call musical dress up. All 3 games were very fun, the men and older nephews got to have a round of snowball fights, but we ladies thought there would be more testosterone thrown around, but we were wrong. 

The kids had lots of fun with this game, I will have to remember this as my kids get older. 

Carson and Mom making a snowball, it was fun to watch him dance around as all the older kids through the snowball, he didn't quite know what to make of all the noise and commotion.

The men and boys having their indoor snowball fight. 

 Here are some of the funniest of the combinations that came through musical dress up


Jacob and Seth

Love being part of this wonderful family, I could not have asked for a better family to be married into, love each and everyone one of you! 
Teresa, Jaime, & Ella

Me, Mama, Teresa, & Mason

Cynthia, Robert, & Cathy

Claire, & Carson

Me and my Honey!

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