Thursday, March 7, 2013

24 Weeks.

Not a lot has been happening these last few weeks.... Except that I feel like I popped exponentially over the last few weeks. 24 weeks today, and a milestone, I passed my glucose test, yippee  Our baby girl, Sydni, is getting big and strong, and she definitely lets me know just how big and strong, constantly throughout the day and extra through the night! I am starting to constantly feel her little feet jabbing under my ribs, and moving side to side for some playtime. 

Today I also registered at the hospital  so if anything should come up I can go right to labor and delivery. This step for me always makes the birth of a new baby more real. Despite the 4 lb weight gain this last month, and getting a little more uncomfortable  I would not change this experience of bringing another little one into the world, I love being a mommy! A short 16 weeks until our little girl makes her debute into this world and joins her big brother Carson, Mommy, and Daddy. 

Getting better at taking the belly shots in the mirror, and getting a lot more shots being pregnant this second time around,  I am sure I will love these keepsakes in the upcoming years

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