Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things Toddler's Get into!

All moms and dads know this situation, you walk out of a room while you toddler is minding his/her own business making lots of noises, then all of a sudden silence. You then start to realize you have not heard them  for a bit and go on a search to find them and you walk in on a situation that is either funny or messy. 

I found myself in this situation yesterday with Carson, luckily it was a funny situation and a camera was needed to capture the moment, a moment in a few years he will be hunting down the pictures to destroy evidence of this ever happening. Yesterday, I found him in my room with a necklace full of my underwear  he had to have had at least 10 pairs on his head, as he continued to pull them over his head he kept repeating shirt, shirt, shirt.

 Looking at Carson with all my underwear on his head brought me back to a picture my mom or dad took when I was little with my Dad's underwear on my head, I need to locate the picture and compare :) It is times like these that I can't help but love being a mom with a cute of a kid as Carson. 

I am so happy that I am a bit of a laid back mom to be able to just laugh at the situation rather than looking at it as a big mess that I had to eventually clean up, it is moment's like these that make a lifetime of memories. Grandma Dicken's asked on Facebook, "LOL again!!! What's next on the docket?" And to that question I say, "Not sure, but bring it on, I want the memories."

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