Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cousin Fun

For Christmas we gave Robert's sister Shauna and her husband Doug, a date package, childcare included in this package. So for their anniversary they decided to take us up on the date to celebrate in peace. As you will be able to tell shortly Carson loves when any of his many cousins come over to play, he has to be right in the middle of things. This time he had the pleasure of playing with Paige, Preston, and Kate for a few hours. I swear they played or got out every single toy we own, including our toy guns made by Grandpa Dickens. I say this because at the time the cable guy had also come over to take a look and hopefully improve out poor reception, with every kid having a rifle or gun I had my own little militia and didn't feel at all scared with him being in the house, but honestly if I had not had them I still would not have felt scared, just a cute story to tell.   All in all we had a very fun time playing cars, playing Mario kart, and lots of other various activities. Thanks cousin's for coming over and having a good time with us!

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