Thursday, March 14, 2013

Family History Success!

On Sunday, I was able to confirm through 3 sources a husband and thus get his work requested for the temple, however, it was saying I still needed permission to do so, which should not have been the case. So on Monday, Mama came over to see if she could figure it out, which we ended up just requesting the ordinances and then submitting feedback to Family Tree. In the meantime we taught each other things about family history, and I eventually showed Mama a site called, this site has great sources and I was able to find some of my ancestors on, so she decided to take a look for herself. As she was going through and finding her relatives, she noticed that an Edward of her line had married a and O'Donnell who is related to a Holyoak, both names are directly linked in my family tree.  Through some additional research on my side and using the PAF file of Robert's family Mama had given me a few weeks ago, we were able to make a connection of mutual grandparents that Robert and I have. For me these grandparents are 7 generations back and for Robert they are 6 generations back. Our mutual grandparents are Robert Edward Sr. and Mary Anne Russell, from them our family branch between two brothers. It was fun to make the connection, knowing how from the bible that we are all connected here on earth it was fun to see a match up point, I never thought  I would make a connection like this. Family history work is so addicting and so fun, and to find information like this makes it even more fun. We might even try to find an old picture of our mutual grandparents if we can and display it in our home as a keepsake. We now have a family joke about how we married our cousin, but I love my cousin and would not change it another way, in reality we all married our cousin we just have to find that mutual family member :) If you ever want to learn family history, I am here to help teach you!

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