Thursday, March 28, 2013

A New Baby in the House

As of today we have only 13 weeks until Sydni's due date, man how time has flown, and with that we have started making the necessary preparations to welcome her into our family. First on our list of must haves was to borrow Teresa's bassinet so we would have a place to lay her head when she comes home from the hospital. Being a new mom with a toddler, I didn't expect the next outcome. We got the bassinet set up in our bedroom and we immediately got our new baby boy! Wait, I thought I was told I was having a girl this time, and yes that is still correct, our new baby turned out to be our adorable Carson! He really wanted to get into the baby bed and lay down, so pictures of course had to come. After posting the pictures of Carson in the bassinet it is hard to believe that once a bassinet such as this one nearly looked like it would swallow him up less than two years ago, how time speeds onward. From various people I should look forward in the months to come to Carson attempting to fit into all the baby items, should be a fun experience. 

 Oh, how he used to fit so perfectly in the bassinet. Mom's baby is no longer a baby.
His always joyful expression.
All Snuggled with "B"

Didn't want to make a entire post for one picture, but did think this was a cute picture and expression on Carson's face while playing with Daddy!

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