Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lego, Legos, and More Legos

For Christmas, Santa brought Carson some legos and lately he has been stacking and making his own little creations, so this got Mom and Dad thinking, he needs more. There is not much you can create with only 70 legos, so we started our search for the best price for the most legos, as you can see we got a lot of legos now. Even though it might have been a little bit of an investment we were able to get 505 pieces for a pretty good price, cheaper per lego than the store sells. We ended up getting pretty much every size Lego Duplo that you can imagine, as well as almost every color in the rainbow , we were pretty excited about our find, we now can make a lot of creations. To be honest Mom and Dad were more excited about the purchase than Carson was, we must still be kids at heart! To test out the legos we made a tower using every single lego and this is what we came up with. Carson really just wanted to knock it down and we eventually let him, but that is why it was on the counter for the pictures, he could enjoy it, hehehe (Wish I could figure out how to upload the destruction of the tower to the blog.) I am sure we will have many more fun times as a family playing with these legos throughout the years, hope Carson ends up playing with them more rather than just having fun dumping the box out, but still fun to hear him attempt to say legos! 

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