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Better Late then Never-Carson's Birth Story

Carson’s Delivery Story

Though I am not very good at writing, I feel like I really need to jot down the proceedings of Carson’s birth before they really get fuzzy, and yes I know I am writing this account 20 months after he was born.
It all started at my 39 week appointment, and unfortunately my blood pressure was getting pretty high in the 130s which was not normal for me, so Dr. Harrison placed me on modified bed rest, which meant that I could still work, but I need to stay off my feet as much as possible, this was on Wednesday the 22nd of June. Dr. Harrison wanted me back in early Friday morning to see how my blood pressure was doing after the modified bed rest, so I scheduled time off with my boss and headed over to her office to check my blood pressure.

Unfortunately, it had not decreased and was continuing to raise, not sure how high at this point, but that is when she decided to put me on full bed rest and have me take a 24 hour urine test to test the proteins in my urine and then I was to come back on Monday the 27th to get results and see where to go from there.  I then proceeded to call my boss to let him know that I would be starting my maternity leave that day, and proceeded to cry because I didn't want to start my leave until the day my baby boy was born, I wanted every second of the 12 weeks that I could with him, however, looking back on it Heavenly Father had it all worked out, and indeed it worked out perfectly. Regarding bed rest, it is the most boring thing that anyone could be put on. So if you only thought shows repeated maybe twice a day you would be wrong, sometimes the shows repeated 3 or 4 days a day. I ended up sleeping most of the time, because it was just dang boring, and I could not do much. Luckily, on Saturday Robert talked me into going to RC Willey to get some pie. The unfortunate part of the whole thing was feeling like an invalid. Meaning, he had to push me in the wheelchair through the entire store to get to the back where the pie was located, I felt like every eye was one me, thinking she is only pregnant why can’t she just walk, and I would have if Robert would have let me.  

On Monday Robert and I returned to Dr. Harrison’s office to get the results of the 24 hour urine test as well a retest my blood pressure. Because we were not expecting the outcome that ultimately did come, we didn't prepare anything in case we were sent over to the hospital. I still had not packed for the hospital stay even though my due date was 5 days away; Robert had just put on some grungy clothes expecting to just go into work late, and the list goes on and on. We were given the results that if Dr. Harrison continued to let the baby grow inside me, it would surely turn into preeclampsia, so she decided to send word to the hospital to have me induce that morning. That for sure was a shock, I knew the birth was coming, but I didn't expect it to turn out the way it did, and I always thought I would go spontaneously on my own, but I guess that was not in my cards. So we headed home to pack our bags, eat a little bit of breakfast and make our way over to the hospital to have us a little baby boy. 

So as you can see, I was going to get my wish I would only have to use one day of my 12 weeks maternity before starting the wonderful experience of bringing my baby boy into this world to grow and process. After returning home and preparing to go to the hospital we arrived at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center to be induced, we arrived about 11 o’clock am on June 27th, 2011. Our labor and delivery room could not have had a more beautiful view, it was facing Mt. Timpanogos, which was still capped with snow from our wonderful snow season that year, it was just beautiful, and I am glad they moved us to this delivery room at the last moment. Because, I was only possibly dilated to 1 cm and 70% to hopefully avoid a c-section they started me on a drug known as Cytotec, which was used to soften my cervix and start the dilatation process, before they hooked me up to Pitocin. I was given 3 doses of Cytotec beginning about 1 o’clock pm and continuing every 3 hours until they started me on Pitocin about 11:30 pm. Talk about a long day, by the time they started Pitocin I was about 100% effaced and 3 cm dilated, so the Cytotec did its job, and Pitocin started taking over its function. By the time of my last dose of Cytotec, I was getting a bit crampy, but no pain, so I knew it was starting to take effect and start me into labor.

The nurses asked me if I wanted to get my epidural at the time they started Pitocin, and it was a hard decision for me. I had yet to feel what labor felt like, but it was almost midnight, and I knew I needed some sleep and if I got the epidural I might be able to doze off for a little while and rest. So after some thought I decided to get the epidural for that reason, not because of immediate pain, and looking back on it and how the rest of the experience went, I needed all the rest I could get. I was able to doze off for a few hours, and about 2 o’clock am the resident doctor came to check my dilatation as well as break my water, at that time I had dilated to 5cm, and he broke my water. That is when my labor took off, they checked me again at 5 o’clock and I was completely dilated to 10 cm. They contacted Dr. Harrison who at the time was feeding her new little girl Ryan and she said she would be in as soon as she finished nursing her, she also instructed the nurses to do some practice pushes with me. That is when things kind of got a little scary,when I pushed for the first time, our baby’s heart beat dropped to below 100, immediately Dr. Harrison got a hold of my nurses and had them stop the pushing until she was able to arrive at the hospital.  When Dr. Harrison arrived she checked the baby, and found that he was in the posterior position, which was why I had felt the entire labor and pressure in my back.  She told us that she would attempt to move him manual with her arm as I contracted; however, she warned that if the baby’s heartbeat did not tolerate this manual movement, we would end up in a c-section. Through a miracle our little boy, did a wonderful job through the whole process of turning him into the correct and easiest position for birth. 

This process of the birth started about 6:30 am on June 28th, the process went like this, I would contact and she would turn his head a bit, then she would hold his head in the new position through a couple of contractions, until finally he was in the correct position to descend further into the birth canal and enter the world. By this point as you can imagine I was already exhausted and had not much strength, but I was still not finished, at one point Dr. Harrison asked me to bring my head closer to my chest, but I just couldn't so Robert as I pushed held my head in that position. With the help of Robert and Dr. Harrison as my biggest support, I continued to push through the pressure and exhaustion. By the end Dr. Harrison could tell, I didn't seem to have the strength to push him completely out, so she said if I could get him just a bit closer she could help assist with the help of a vacuum on his little head. When I got to the point that she could put the vacuum on his little head, and with my help we were able to bring this little one into the world. Robert said afterwards she was pulled so hard, her arms were shaking, but I am so grateful for her help. This is where the emotions start to take over, it still feels like yesterday that Carson came into the world and was placed on my chest.

 Words cannot express, the love I had for him at that moment, I had waited for this little guy through 2 miscarries and full pregnancy and delivery that I might say I cherished this moment more than I would have if I had not gone through those previous losses. There simply are no words to describe that moment when I first saw my precious baby boy, and heard his sweet cry. I was overcome with emotion. I felt relieved that it was all over and grateful that I held a perfect, sweet angel straight from Heaven in my arms.I looked up at my wonderful husband, who had tears in his eyes, and together we cried as we marveled at the precious gift from God we had just been given. Carson came into this world at 7:48 am on June 28th, 2011 weighing 6 lbs 7.8 Oz and measuring 19 1/2 inches long, a perfect little boy that was to call me mommy, the greatest gift anyone could ask for. 

I write this mostly for precious boy Carson, that he knows how he came into our family and the love that we had for him at that time. I also want him to know that I will continue to love him just as much as the first moment I laid eyes on him, and will continue to support and protect him throughout my life, love you my first born and wonderful son!

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