Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1st Roasting 2013

As a family we love to roast hot dogs up the canyon and that is exactly what we decided to do for family home evening this past Monday night. It was a lot of fun, and hot dogs are much more delicious when roasted on an open fire, like many things are.  

On first arrival Daddy fixed up the fire pit to make it better to roast our dinner. While Carson and mom picked up sticks and wood for the fire, Carson enjoyed going back and forth and bringing wood to Daddy. 

When everything was ready and the logs and starters were assembled Robert started the fire. We found out he probably will be just fine camping around the fire this year, because the minute Daddy was going to start the fire, Carson could not get up on my lap fast enough, he was a bit scared because it was "hot!" 

However, as the night progressed he warmed up to the fire and sat in his very own "Lucky Bums" chair that Daddy had earned when he was six months old, this time he could sit in it and reach the ground. 

We for sure are going to have to make this at least a monthly FHE because it is that much fun and enjoyable to be up in the mountains. 

We also took the time to teach Carson about the creation of some of the sites that we saw while up in the mountains. I ask Carson "Who made the trees?" He replied, "Daddy" so cute.

Here is to more roasting in the canyons!

Carson and Daddy!
Daily occurrence of playing in the dirt and this time the ash for a little two year old!
Carson and Mommy!
Love that cheesy grin on his face
And finally the strip down for the car ride home after a very fun night!


  1. Fun! We'd love to join you sometime if you're up for some company :)

  2. That would be a lot of fun, we tend to go up the canyon a few times during the summer months, usually for FHE or something similar to do family time.