Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Father's Day Honey!

Happy Father's day to one of the best Daddy's in the world! Carson and soon to be Sydni are two very lucky kids to be able to call you Daddy, how did we get so lucky!

To name a few things that I love about you being our children's Daddy, because there are so many!

1. I love to see you interacting and wrestling with Carson because lets face it Moms just don't have the same touch of roughness that is needed for 100% wrestling fun!

2. I love to see you always being willing to help out with Carson when ever help is needed, I know this is expected, but I don't feel like it is expected, but that you enjoy helping our son with anything and everything. 

3. I love to see you two cuddling in the few moments our energetic son will allow relaxation. One way to melt a mother's heart for sure, and mine has been melting quite a few times. 

4. I love that he just absolutely adores is Daddy, and asks thousands of times a day "Daddy?"

5. I love that when Daddy is home, mom is left on the side, because he just loves his Daddy that much!

6. I love that you are always telling him he is your little buddy and that you love him, a kid always needs to hear this and Carson gets this constantly. 

7. You are always there for us, you loved us enough to take on a job that is not the most enjoyable so I could be home and raise them, not all men would be so willing to do that. 

8. Love the fact we get to spend so much time with you each and everyday, it makes the day brighter.

9. Thank you for giving me a wonderful son and daughter that I can raise, they are the apple of my eyes. And I can't wait to have more children call you their Daddy!

10. Most of all thanks for being the best friend and husband anyone could ask for. We all have our faults, I know I do, but with you by my side we can do anything better, because we love each other and I for sure what you in my eternities!

I wished I was able to get a picture of Carson on Father's Day with his shirt that read " My Dad is my Super Hero" Because that is exactly how we see you!

My Superhero, My Dad

My Dad and I have special powers
I bet you didn't know
And when we are together
Our Super powers grow. 

I have the gift of flight
To soar and leap and bound. 
I can hover in the sky
And never tough the ground.

I am growing stronger too
With each passing hour.
I can even save the day
With my super power.

Dad's arms help me reach
The things I cannot touch.
His love and guidance carry me
I look up to him so much.

And Even when I;m all grown up
I know that i'll be glad
That I had my own superhero
My best friend, my Dad!

Happy Father's Day!

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