Friday, June 7, 2013

Art City Days

Art City Carnival

This week we decided to go to a few of the Art City day festivities and have a good time as a family before the baby comes. Last night we visited the carnival and walked through the store and food vendors. We ended up purchasing 12 tickets for Carson to use to ride some of the carnival rides, he was in heaven a train. Unfortunately  he really wanted to ride the small roller coaster that he called a train, but he was a half an inch too short to ride, so we will have to go to Payson's carnival in the fall when he should be tall enough to ride. Luckily for us there was an alternative little train that he just absolutely loved!

First Carson and Daddy went down a giant slide, and lets just say Carson had fun, but the price to go down once was like robbing candy from a baby. I attempted to get a picture at the end before they stood up, when Carson had a giant smile on his face, but the boy manning the attraction stood right in front and I was unable to get a really good picture. The picture I did get is not close, but still got him going down with his Daddy.
Our next ride was the train ride, which he loved, he ended up riding it twice in a row. The second time, he was the conductor and drove the train around the track. After we went another ride, but for his final ride he once again asked to go ride the train and that is how we ended our carnival experience on the little train. This boy absolutely loves trains, for the rest of the time he kept telling us he rode the train, so cute!
Ready for this train to start!
Can you tell you liked the ride and who did not?
Our Conductor having the time of his life!
As Carson would say, "Hi People."
One more cute one, because I can't resist!

The only other ride that he rode was a plane ride that went up and down, he had the cutest smile the entire time, I was surprised he actually like it and did not stand up while on the ride like another kid around his same age. 

Our little pilot

To end family night at the carnival we purchased some cotton candy, yummy! Carson didn't like it at first, but by the time we got home he was asking for a "taste" I guess he got over the texture of the cotton candy and realized it was quite yummy.  

Afterwards Robert and I got talking that and thinking the first child really has some perks that the other children might not have as often and the carnival is one of them. When we have more children we can't just go and spend $12 dollars on tickets for each kid, that could really add up, but I am glad we are able to do so many fun things with Carson at this time, and some in the future with the others, maybe just not as often. 

Children's Art Festival

Today was the children's art festival put on at the Springville museum, with lots of arts and crafts for all ages.  For a short period of time Carson was interested in coloring and making various crafts, but eventually that wore off and he just wanted to be a typical boy and play with the dirt and rocks!

His first project was chalk coloring and he quite enjoyed this booth, I think we probably stayed here for about 20 minutes while he colored all over, a proud mom I was at his beautiful masterpiece. 
Next we headed to make a sand painting. He loved painting with the glue and then dumping sand on his paper, I thought this was a fun project for little ones and apparently Carson agreed :)
While he colored his pirate ship we got to watch a puppet show about pirates and mermaids, it was a pretty cute show and it captured his attention for a little bit, which was nice, I am quickly running out of energy in the last weeks of this pregnancy. 
For his final art project to win a few markers was sidewalk chalk drawings, and like a typical Carson he colored for a few minutes and then decided that all the chalk had to be out of the boxes, so he dumped all the chalk on the sidewalk and lets say there was a lot of them. 
 Our Picasso
Couldn't see all the colors in they were in the box mom!

Next I decided Carson might enjoy his first face painting so we got in line. Can you guess what he asked for when they asked him what he wanted, you are correct "train, " it turned out pretty cute. 

As any mom with a boy knows arts and crafts can only go so far, what they really want to do is find a rock and dirt, Carson is that typical boy. He made wonderful art in the dirt!
 Dirt Art
We love the arts festival and can't wait for it to return next year, I am sure it will get better and better as he gets older and enjoys the crafts more, this year I pretty much let him go where ever he wanted to go to a point, once he started not listening it was time to go home. 

Finally had to get a couple of pictures with mom!

Aunt Lisa had him say "train" for this picture

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