Monday, June 3, 2013

Fire Station/ Splash Pad

Last week we had the privilege of touring the Springville City Fire station and afterwards getting drenched in the new Springville Splash Pad. Carson didn't really care to listen to what the fireman said, but he did enjoy the fire trucks, however, at first he did not want to get in the truck or ambulance without Mommy's help, but he eventually warmed up and enjoyed exploring the trucks. Glad we were able to go and spend some time with friends and enjoy a nice day. Carson loves to say Fire Truck and Firefighters, thanks to one of our favorite shows "Chicago Fire" that we watch on Wednesday nights, so cute when he says it, love this boy!

Sitting in the Fire Truck, scared a bit in this picture. 
Springville is Fire station # 41
Learning about ambulances.
Standing on the back of the fire truck.
Carson and his friend Malie loved playing in the fireman dressing area.
Sitting on the front of the fire truck, pose was not planed, but still cute. 
Carson finally warmed up to the fire trucks, and played around in one them on his own.
 This is my favorite picture of the whole experience, such pure joy!
 Our junior firefighter of the day, ready to be called on the job.
At first I tried to keep Carson away from the splash pad, but then realized it was less stressful to just let him get as wet as he wanted to. He loved walking in the water and climbing on the rocks in their little river, however, he would avoid the water spouts that sprayed water directly up still does not like them. 

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