Thursday, June 6, 2013

Full Term, and Counting

Swollen ankles, sore back, and just plain tired of being pregnant? "I hope this baby comes early, " is something you may have heard or even said yourself. Luckily, only this time around only the sore back, and just plain tired of being pregnant has crossed my mind. Thus fun, no swollen feet and no high blood pressure. They say medically that I have reached full term at my 37 weeks, but the truth of the matter is-the best things are worth the wait right? 

I talked to my Dr. last week about the possibilities of getting out of the hospital within 24 hours of the birth of Sydni, because I honestly didn't like spending as much time in the hospital as I did with Carson, she said as long as I didn't have Strep B and everything went normal that should be fine. But of course as my luck would have it, I have tested positive for Strep B, which means at least a 48 hour stay for me and the baby in the hospital, but I probably should not complain it is for her protection as some babies don't show signs of issues because of Strep B until around 48 hours after birth, but a healthy baby is worth every minute of the hospital that is for sure. 

Little Sydni is measuring 36 and 1/2 weeks, so perfectly normal for 37 weeks gestation, maybe if I am lucky she will be small like Carson when he was born, I am sure it will make for an easier delivery. I was a bit more dilated than last week, I am now 1 cm and 70%, not a lot of progress, but has to start somewhere. With these numbers I am currently exactly where I was with Carson when they induced me at 39 weeks, still not getting my hopes up she will be early, because anyone knows they can hang in there for a long amount of time. :)

Still have not decided if I am going to be induced or not, but with the Strep B and having to coordinate the child care of Carson, the induction at 39 weeks is looking more and more worth it, but as time gets closer we will decide for sure. 

Before we know it our lives will change for the better, with 2 beautiful children to love and take care of, when I become so lucky, my Heavenly Father sure loves me enough to let me take care of 2 of his most precious children and I hope to be able to teach them the things they need in order to return to him. 

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