Monday, October 1, 2012

Zumba Baby

Carson and mom love Zumba, the end! I have been going to my sister-in-law Lisa's Zumba class since March of this year, I can honestly say at the time I was hesitant that I would like Zumba. However, I found myself loving it and still love it to this day. It has gotten me past pre-pregnancy weight and allowing me to feel the best I have  physically in a long time. Carson on the other hand has been going to Zumba for far longer than I have, while I was working he would go with Lisa, so he has been going for a straight year, way to go Bubba! He has now for a while been dancing when the songs come on whether we are at Zumba or at home, it does not matter. Today though he got on the floor and started stretching when we were done with Zumba, it made all of us laugh and how cute he was. These pictures are a few months old, but they show how much Carson loves Zumba and my hot pink Zumba skirt.

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