Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall is in the Air

Tonight we went on a family walk. We got Carson all snuggled and warm since it was actually pretty cold outside, tucked him into the stroller, and headed out. After about a 25 minute walk we could tell Carson still wanted to run around outside, so we let him roam wherever he wanted.

He strolled around in the courtyard, found almost every grate in the grass, ran down a lot of hallways, and climbed up and down the stairs in one of the buildings. We usually don't let him go up and down the stairs because we don't want to follow him up and down and up and down, but this time we let him roam free. 

He climbed up the stairs to the third floor, ran around for a minute or two, and then headed back down the stairs. Denise and I had a really good laugh when we ran toward the final set of stairs to head down to the ground floor. Normally he runs almost to the edge of the stairs (until he's maybe a foot away), turns, and inches his way backward until his feet start to go down the stairs. This time, however, he must have had a depth perception problem. We laughed pretty hard as he stopped a good ten feet away from the stairs, turned, and started crawling backwards toward the stairs. After about seven feet he stopped crawling and stood up, seemingly puzzled that he hadn't reached the stairs yet. Then he walked forward the last couple of feet to the stairs and went down. Funny boy.

Even though it was pitch black outside, that didn't keep him from exploring everywhere he wanted to go. A few times he'd sit down in the grass and we could barely even see him from 20 feet away. He was perfectly camouflaged.

We love to take fall walks and it is nice to know that Fall has finally settled in to stay for a while.

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