Tuesday, October 2, 2012

15 Months

Whether I want to believe it or not, our baby is now a little boy. Wow, when did that happen, I guess overnight! 

Carson's 15 month Stats
Weight: 26 lbs. 6 oz. (91%)
Length: 31.75 inches (69%)
Head: 48.5 cm (90%)

Carson made a 10% increase in weight from his 12 month stats, I would have to attribute this to the fact that he absolutely loves milk, and asks for it all the time. I was quite surprised at his height at how much he didn't grow. He has only grown 3/4 of an inch in 3 months, and to me he looks so much taller. Finally the biggest jump yet is his head circumference, from 47% to 90% in just 3 months! I guess all his weight is going into his head( I can tell he is getting smart everyday, heehe)

At 15 months:
  • Carson is the happiest little boy that I have ever seen. He will laugh at a drop of a hat. Carson loves life and you can tell in the way he is always smiling and laughing. Our house is never quiet when he is awake, and I would not have it any other way. 
  • He loves to use his two new words "hi" and "bye" when talking into Mommy and Daddy's phones.
  • He has been learning new signs and has mastered quite a few in just a few short months. Words he knows: milk, please, thank you, more, bird, me, all gone. Now mom needs to learn a few more.
  • He is also getting more and more of a vocabulary. Currently he knows how to say Mom, Mommy, Dad, hi, bye, Bubba, dat for that, Aurora(with lots of Rs at the end), and finally baby. This is a fun stage, I didn't think anything could top the baby stage, I was wrong.
  • He is also beginning to really try to copy what we say, and soon he will be talking up a storm, I am sure. 
  • He loves to give kisses. If you ask him for a kiss you will get one, but not before another person in the room gets one first, so funny.
  • He loves to play outside and would live outside if I let him. We usually are out with other kids, but he still tends to play by himself in the dirt most often. 
  • He loves to drive his cars and trucks around and on his ramp. Thanks to Aunt Michelle for letting him have her boy's old toy. He is also beginning to take a real interest in books, and puzzles as well. It is cute to find him in his room with his giant bear reading a book. 
  • His favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Chugington  He loves to dance when either of these two shows come on and he is now just beginning to interact with the shows, so cute. Like I said in an earlier post he is like a palace guard when watching these shows, nothing will take his eyes off them. 
  • He loves animals, mostly birds. Whenever we go outside the first thing he does most times is sign 'bird' and then immediately looks for birds. He is starting to learn the animal sounds and at the present time most things still say roar. However, he does know what a puppy, lion, bear, snake, and leopard(from Tarzan) says. We now need to start working on normal every day animal sounds. :) We also need to take him back to the Tracy Aviary as well as to the zoo before it gets too cold, he would love them both. 
  • Lately he has been loving the idea that he can run, and he loves when we chase him. He runs screaming down our hallway. "Going to catch you" is all we need to say to start this game.
  • Finally, we are starting to teach him about prayer and what we do. If you ask him to fold his arms he will do so immediately! We will continue to work on the rest of prayer, but for now folding our arms will do.

Carson is a joy to have in our lives, it is hard to believe that he has already been in our lives 15 months, but then again it seems like he has always been with us. We would wait as long as we did to get him again if we had to. We are loving being his parents and love to see him learn and grow on a daily basis. We know that Carson is a blessing from our Heavenly Father and that with His help we will be able to raise him to a righteous young man who will one day be able to teach his family the same principals we are teaching him. 

"See How I have Grown"

June 28th, 2011

September 4th, 2012

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