Sunday, October 14, 2012

First Canning Experience

On Thursday of last week Robert and I went with our friends Darwin and Kiara to Darwin's parents to pick the rest of their grapes on the vines. It was a fun experience and we are grateful for friends like Darwin and Kiara, and their generosity of using the last of their grapes to can my first batch of grape juice. I began juicing the grapes on Friday night and stayed up until about 2 am, could not help myself, but keep going. I finished up the canning process on Saturday afternoon, and we ended up not canning one jar and just made up some fresh juice, delicious. Of the 6 gallon buckets we picked I was able to get 22 quarts canned for our food storage. With this canning experience, I believe I have caught the canning bug and will be using the expertise of my mother-in-law next year to maybe can some other items for our family. It required some work, but well worth the fresh juice. This might be more exciting to me than to my readers, but I took pictures of my first canning experience as well, enjoy.

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