Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spanish Fork Easter Hunt

Though it was Carson's second Easter, it was the first time being able to participate in the fun traditions of Easter, such as egg hunts and Easter basket from the Easter bunny. The previous weekend before Easter we spend the late morning and early afternoon with the Dickens side of the family and had his first Easter egg hunt, lets just say he got on pretty fast as to what they eggs meant. It was fun to watch his face light up and his little body running towards the eggs to put into his plastic bag (unfortunately we are novice parents and forgot his basket.) So by the time we took him to the Spanish Fork egg hunt he had the system down, we did arrive pretty early so that was a bit of a challenge to keep him not picking up the eggs until the firetruck horn went off to begin the hunt. 

 Not sure you can see the eggs, but they were all over the baseball and soccer fields it was a neat sight to see. Can you see Carson's anticipation for it to begin, I even noticed a kid not much older than Carson attempting to climb the fence to retrieve the eggs from the baseball field. 

 We arrived at the sports park, probably around 8:30 so we had about a half and hour wait before we could pick up the eggs, but by the time the hunt began Carson took off running. For a moment there I thought he was just going to run until he could run no more, but then he realized the eggs and started picking them up.

 He got pretty good at being able to pick up two eggs at a time, you get more eggs that way right?

Spanish Fork Easter Egg Hunt is a big production, when all the eggs have been collected everyone sticks around to open their eggs to see if their egg contains any additional big prizes. This year I saw prizes such as small and giant Easter baskets, bikes, large stuffed animals, wooden horses, gift certificates to various places, no wonder it is a big hit every year. It was amazing to see how many large ticket items some of the kids go they already have the luck going for them, hope they are happy about the prizes I know I would be.  Though we did not win any big prizes in addition to candy Carson got a large candy with a Wiggy Wash two dollar off for any car wash service ( Mom and Dad like this one, not sure Carson will), as well as a free small fry with no purchase necessary.    It was a fun experience and one I would personally not mind making a tradition but only time will tell if that happens. Afterwards we speedily headed off to the ward Easter hunt ( no pictures taken at this event), Carson was a pro after Spanish Fork and managed to pick up more than most kids his age before the older kids reached the eggs, no surprise he was not shy during this hunt. Happy Easter!

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