Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Family Pictures

Over the weekend we took a trip up Hobble Creek Canyon to take our first official family photos with Sydni added to our little family. It was a very different experience having a two year old and a newborn, rather than just a newborn as we did in our last family photos. We got a chance to see once again just how short a 2 year old's attention span is, as far as he was concerned he came up to the mountains to play! All in all we did manage to get some good shots of our little family, we may go up in a couple of weeks to get some more when the leaves are brighter in color, but we shall see. 

Before heading up the canyon we unfortunately had to wake Carson up from a nap, but not before Robert took a few pictures of our sleeping prince. 
Yesterday I was looking through the pictures on the camera came across this picture of Carson's eyes and forehead. I thought it was a bit odd, so I asked Robert why he took the pictures he said, "Because his eyelashes looked so long!" Yep, that is our boy has had these bad boys since day one, first thing the nurse noticed on him at birth, why is it that the boys get the long lashes?
Before I go on an post a bunch of our best pictures, I would like to thank once again Daddy for taking these pictures for us, it is always fun to have you as our photographer. 

This one is probably my favorite shot of all of them. 
Then this shot would be my next favorite. 
This is right before he ran down the hill and fell leaving a nice mud stain on his pants for the remainder of the pictures. 
The girls and then the boys.
Love this pictures of 2 people I love dearly!
Taking some time to blow off some energy. 
I have always thought these walking shots were precious, so we got one. If you look close enough you can barely see Sydni's little head. 
These two are not bad shots, but not my favorites though. 
Isn't he just the cutest?
Precious little one. 
By the end of the pictures Carson was done and just wanted to play around, so this first shot we were trying to use reverse physiology to get him to get in the picture and take a good picture. This pose is a family tradition from out engagement photo, to a wedding picture, to our first family picture with Carson, and finally one to add Sydni into the family. 
This is the best shot that we could manage to get with the four of us. We are going to try to attempt a better one in a few weeks, but if not this will have to do. 
Finally a shot of how the family started just the two of us. Can't believe how blessed we have been in the last 7 years of marriage, we love our 2 greatest blessings. Thanks Carson and Sydni for coming into our lives and allowing us to be your parents we love you!

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