Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Nap Time for the Kiddos

Nap time around our house for almost the last 3 months has been a hit or a miss most day to say the least. Carson though he is getting better tends to fights naps and most days he finds himself having quiet time in his room, which most of the time he ends up falling asleep, success! Sydni on the other had has been a pretty bad napper from the get go unless she is sleeping on yours truly her Mama, which doesn't leave much time for house work, so if you come over to visit I apologize for the mess. 

So when photo shots during nap time come up like this I have to take advantage because they don't come very often, and who can refute that a sleeping baby is so adorable. 
 This is what you get when you have too much fun with your Aunt Renee', falling asleep pretty much immediatly after climbing on the couch. Quite the position to fall asleep in, kids really can fall asleep anywhere. 
 Finally, this is what happens when you fight and fight, and fight a nap even when you have quiet time in you room for awhile. A kid who is so exhausted to even finish his pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. 

And you probably guessed it, the kiddos are napping and thus I have time to myself. Though I should be cleaning up the house, with a day like today I have chosen to de-stress by blogging! But I wouldn't change my kiddos in for quiet time all the the time. 

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