Monday, September 23, 2013

What a Mess

Last Friday I returned home from Zumba to find water all over the floor and all over the toilet in our hall bathroom, I thought that was odd so I called Robert to see if he knew why their might be water. We have been having problems with our toilets so thought it might be that, however, Robert was not able to shed anymore light on the issues. Well, I didn't think much more of it as I had to get Carson over to a friend's house so I could go have my hair done for our family pictures the next day. Upon my return home at about 3 in the afternoon I noticed Robert's care parked in the visitor parking spots which I thought was weird. Turns out that water was something a little bit more than just the toilet, the supply water upstairs on the 3rd floor had been leaking for months. Robert had come home for lunch only to have All Pro knocked on our door to tell him their was a leak upstairs and he needed to check our house out. I was told by Robert when he pushed on our sealing it bubbled because of water. I thought that was weird because when I had noticed the water on the floor earlier that morning, I remember checking the ceiling and I didn't see any drips, turns out the reason for the water was it had gushed out after it leaked more that morning on the 2nd floor. All Pro ended up having to cut most of our ceiling out and take out some insulation, and we have had fans blowing in our bathroom since Friday afternoon to avoid a mold issue. What a mess, but luckily we will only have to pay our deductible which is $500, but we have a feeling it will not be that much, tomorrow we will find out for sure, don't you love being a home owner for those of you who are?

Isn't our ceiling awesome?
 The fans keeping our bathroom from growing mold. 

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