Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Tear Shed

On Saturday it was time to start anew and cut Carson's hair and curls. We have let it grow out the entire summer, to begin with because we just didn't know what style to give him, but then we fell in love with his curls, unfortunately his hair was getting to long to make it manageable so we cut it. He has had many hair cuts including his first cut just before his first birthday, but this one was emotional unlike the other cuts. I never knew how much I loved his curls, I know it is a vain thing but just loved them and didn't really want to see them go, but knew it was time for now. By the time we were down with the cut we had quite the pile of curls on the kitchen floor, again tears were shed. My Cute little Carson knew exactly what mom needed, a few great big squeezes! For a time the curls are gone, hopefully to come back again, but for now he is sporting his new short hair. I know one of the reasons I shed more tears than I thought I would was the fact that he is beginning to look more and more like a little boy and not Mommy's little baby boy, I guess I he can't be little forever. 

From my lovable, happy go lucky boy curly haired boy!
 To my lovable, happy go lucky short hair boy!
Wow, now that is some hair!
Raw emotion, he knew Mommy needed a hug. Such a sweet boy!
We made it through just fine.

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