Thursday, September 5, 2013

Playing in the Rain

Carson and I got to share in an experience that I loved to do when I was a kid, play in the rain. And just for that moment in time it made me feel just a little less like a grownup! Carson as of late has loved when it rains and loves to watch the rain from our front room windows, so tonight I decided to go out side with him, and lets just say he had fun. He was hesitant to go out in the rain and for awhile he was content to sit on the steps and just watch the rain, but then when he realized mom having fun in the rain he got the courage to join me. 

From then on he ran through the grass, on the sidewalks, and splashed in the puddles have the time of his life. He even learned a new word rainbow as we saw the beauty of a double rainbow after the rain had passed, love summer rain falls. 

Getting up the courage to play in the rain
He is all in now, wet bum and all.
What is that?
 A rainbow!
 Wait a double rainbow!
 Look mom another rainbow.
 Splashing in the puddles.
Miss Sydni was outside as well, she preferred to sit in her bouncer and look around at take in the beauty of the rainstorm. 
 No surprise a toy was left on the grass, so we played with it!
 We also played with the scooter that was in the hallway, I guess they wanted the community to share in the fun.
We had lots of fun playing in the rain. Thank you Carson for sharing in some fun and letting mom make new memories in the rain and reminisce of past memories of my childhood. 

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