Monday, September 9, 2013

Game Night

On Saturday we had the opportunity to get out of the house and just for a few hours feel more like grownups without children. Awhile back we got talking with our friends Chris and Betty and found out that love playing games as do Robert and I. For one reason or another the past few weekends have not worked out, but that all changed last Saturday and it was a blast! It was fun to play and chat with friends while the kids played happily together ( Sydni slept on me the whole time, bonus!) We played an awesome new game called Gloom (want to get some time for our game collection.) Robert had beginners luck I say, because he smashed the rest of our scores, but I did manage to get a few of my characters dead! 

The adults playing Gloom and having a good ole time. 
While the adults were playing Gloom Alice, Blake, and Carson (never noticed this but they are the ABC's) happily played around together, they get along quite well great buddies. I remembered I had the camera in the diaper bag so I took it out to capture the 3 of them coloring with chalk, mostly on the floor but because of the material of the floor it wipes right up, pretty cool I think. 
Aren't they adorable together?
 The boys playing together.
We wish we could have stayed longer, but that is one thing about being a parent sometimes you have to give up what you want to do, for what you need to do for your kids and in this case they were ready for bed. 

Thanks Betty and Chris for a great time! Looking forward to another game night!

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