Sunday, February 2, 2014

A House Full of Boys

Every few months I get a taste of what it must have felt like day in and day out for my Grandma Payne having 5 boys. A house full of boys can be stressful for me at times, feeling like I am always cleaning up, or trying to keep them quiet so the children can sleep, but I allow our nephews to come over because I know they enjoy it very much! This time around we had six boys over Michele's boys Christopher, Nicholas, Jonathan, and Benjamin and Cynthia's boys Connor and Ethan, and boy could I tell a different aroma was in the house. 

I am not sure how they even walked in our small computer room with all of them crammed in their like sardeens, but I guess they didn't mind they were having fun. 
 At one point I walked in their and they all had their headsets, I felt like I was once again in a call center, but this time in my own home!
It is fun to see how excited Carson gets when the boys come over, he just adores his older cousins. 

Well Dad took a break from playing with the boys he took a turn as judging the gymnastic competition. 

He is getting great air.
Looks like this is going to be a pretty flawless jump. 
He not only is good at the end table jump, but he has also mastered the freestyle coffee table jumping.

 Once again that is some nice air Carson
 The crowd goes silent, is he going to land it?
 A perfect 10, Carson is the winner!
As you can tell he fit right in with the house full of boys, he is all boy! 

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to keep up on the blog, honey. I really enjoyed this post, along with your creative take on my pictures of Carson.