Monday, February 10, 2014

Carson's "Happy Visit" Dentist Appointment

After a long few years we decided to bite the bullet and finally see a dentist for a good old cleaning.  We also scheduled Carson his very first appointment with the dentist which they call a "Happy Visit." For the last few days we have been having him practice opening his mouth as wide as he could and mentioning off and on we were going to visit a dentist, who is a doctor for our teeth, in hopes that it would make the appointment run more smoothly. Lets just say the practice worked fantastically well, he was perfect complied with everything Dr. Flinders and hygienists Melanie. Not sure other parents out there feel the same way, but it s appointments like this that make you feel like you little one is growing up way to fast. He looked so grown up sitting in the dentist chair getting his teeth cleaned and checked on. 

Even before the appointment, Carson was already having fun in their little kids play area, he even managed to find all their trucks, cars, and boats to play with while we waited. They even have a cool little tree house, though the pictured is in the Payson office the Springville office tree house is similar. 
After some playing time, Melanie called Carson's name and the appointment began, he promptly grabbed the big yellow bulldozer truck and followed her back to the examination room.
In every examination room they have a little T.V that you can watch will you have work done, Carson loved watching Doc McStuffins as he waited and had he teeth cleaned. 

He also thought it was pretty cool that the chair gave him a little ride
 He also thought it was pretty cool that the chair gave him a little ride
After Melanie got him all prepped to be seen by Dr. Flinders, Dr. Flinders came in to meet Carson and count his teeth. It was pretty cute, the Dr. counted out loud as to involve Carson in the process, they were both very good with kids. He got a good bill of health for his teeth, nothing out of the ordinary for this little guy, so he became a member of the No Cavity kids club and got a shirt to prove it, pictures later one. 

Meeting Dr. Flinders for the first time, he was explaining he was going to be counting his teeth and asking Carson questions about himself to put him at ease, no worries there. 
 Counting his teeth, can't quite remember how many teeth he had, thought Robert remembers the Dr. saying 20 teeth in that little mouth, so we will go with that. He even got an x-ray of his special tooth(he has 2 teeth in the spot of 1 tooth,) we can't say for sure now if that is how his permanent teeth will come in, but we do know now that it only has one root and 2 caps and a very large nerve as seen on the x-ray. But it is more likely with this type of situation that it will not grow in the same way, but we shall see. 
 See how wide his mouth is, he kept it open this wide the entire time, way to Carson!
Now we get to start attempting to floss, though it is not crucial until the teeth start coming closer together, but time to make a habit out of it.

Cleaning his teeth, he was not scared in the least degree, I think he actually enjoyed it. Melanie said that she has not seen many 2 year olds behave as well as Carson did today, we were very proud parents. 
 He liked the water pick and suction, he thought they were pretty neat.
 She accidentally sprayed water one him, and Carson simply said "spilled water," such a cute kid. 

In the meantime as Carson was getting his teeth cleaned, Miss Sydni passed the time by being mesmerized by the waterfall in the room, it surprised her when she touched it and water got on her fingers. 
 Always gives the biggest smiles, love this little girl. It will be awhile before she has a dentist trip, she only has her first tooth breaking the surface. 
Finally getting his "special" tooth x-ray. Can you see a little smirk on his face, he thought it was pretty cool, she showed him what it did first and explained it was like Dad's camera and she needed a picture of his tooth. 
 All done buddy, but he wanted to continue to watch the show until she mentioned he got to go get some things out of the treasure box and he immediately hopped down. 
 After he was done he got to pick a treasure from the treasure chest, he chose a bright red beaded necklace
 Picking out his t-shirt for the "No cavity kids club," he chose a bright green one
The front and back of his shirt, they made it very fun and inviting to little kids. And I would have to agree it is "Great Being a Kid!"
 His loot, a red beaded necklace from the treasure chest(he has been wearing it all afternoon,) His timmer for brushing his teeth, a "Cars" toothbrush and finally Buzz Lightyear. He left the dentist with a big bag of treats and grin from ear to ear. 
After Carson's appointment we had a little time to kill before my own appointment, so we pulled out all of the trucks, cars, and boats the dentist office had and played around in the lobby all by ourselves. 
 We attempted to get a picture of Sydni rocking on her knees but alas it didn't happened, I have a feeling we will have a crawling baby within the month. 
 As of Saturday, she has begun trying to pull herself up on coffee tables, unfortunately at this point she usually just miss grabs and ends up smacking her head into the table, but I guess that is part of the learning process. 
 See what I mean, miss grabbing and ending up in this type of a position. Carson loves to line up trucks this is usually how he plays with them. :)
 One of her first successful attempts at standing up on her own, once again another baby is growing up in a blink of an eye. 
 She just loves standing, this milestone will make her a lot happier I am sure! 
I wish I had a picture to capture this next part of my appointment, but alas Robert had already gone back to work and I didn't have a camera man to capture the moment. While I was getting my teeth cleaned Carson climbed up and laid down on his stomach on me and watched as I got my teeth cleaned for a good 2 minutes, so cute. I was very impressed with how they handled a toddler and a baby while I was getting my teeth cleaned, they let him play trucks and cars in the exam room and picked up Sydni for a moment when she was fussy, they are a great bunch of group to work with, thanks for the few friends who have recommended them we feel very well taken care of! Not to mention I love how I have been blessed with great teeth, I had not cavities after over 2 years of not seeing a dentist and only one teeth that needs to be watched for future issues, I love it! We would give a positive review to Cascade Family Dental hear in Springville, thanks for taking care of us today. 

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  1. Kudos to Carson for doing well on his first dental visit! Seems like you, too, did a pretty good job in preparing him for this situation. I hope all of his appointments always go as smoothly as this. Cheers! --Dr. Brent