Sunday, February 2, 2014

A surprise visit

On Martin Luther King day we received a surprise visit from my parents and little sister Rachel, and boy was Carson ecstatic! It was fun relaxing visit, at one point we decided to head over to the pool to take a short swim, unfortunately it was closed for cleaning, so we decided since it was a nice January day we would go to the clubhouse park instead. 

It was such a gorgeous, warm, and bright day for being the middle of January a certain little girl started to get sleepy and started to dose off, love this little princess.
 I have not posted all the pictures of Rachel going across the monkey bars, but when I flip through them it is fun to see her move through all the monkey bars, she is pretty good at them as well. Just don't fall and break your wrist like I did about your age. 
 This picture actually surprised me, for the fact he didn't want to go down the entire length of the slide because there was water at the bottom, odd because he normally does not pass up a chance to get wet. 
 I remember a time when I thought slides where just the coolest thing since slice bread and now it is fun to watch my own son feel the same way about them. He has such a cute smile.
 These are the types of shots I can capture now with my camera, with the old camera he would be long past my view before the camera took the picture. 
 Longing wanted Aunt Rachel to follow him up the stairs and eventually she did. 
 Coming down. 
The no care in the world smile, all that matters is having fun, wish it could stay this way for him years to come. 
 Two beautiful ladies enjoying a shot of Vitamin D :)
 He saw Aunt Rachel go up these, so naturally he has to attempt it and he didn't pretty well, but then got a bit nervous and turned around. In due time my little guy in due time. 
 This by far  his is favorite slide at the park, the blue tunnel slide. We got some adorable shots of him with a perfect color of the bright blue for the backdrop. 
My parents didn't know this, but this day was a particularly hard day for me and a visit was needed from two of my favorite people, I had actually thought about driving up see them that day. Thanks for taking the time out of your trip to stop and visit us, we very much enjoyed it. 

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