Sunday, February 2, 2014

Erupting Snow

Such a stark contrast between last year strong winter that brought lots of snow and cold temperatures, to this years almost no snow and nice and warm temperatures. So needless to say we have not had much of an opportunity minus a time or two in December to play in nature's snow, so we had to make our own snow. We called our snow erupting snow, we were able to make our own snow that was even cold from everyday ingredients, we used shaving cream, baking soda, glitter, and eventually vinegar. Carson had so much fun, I ended up taking hundreds of pictures to capture the moment of excitement and joy, but I will try to keep the pictures to a minimal as much as a Mom can do when she has such an adorable boy!

The snow amazing, it was naturally cold, making it very realistic and it was fluffy and powdery enough to be able to mold it into small snowmen. 

 He started out a bid timid not exactly sure what to do or even if he wanted to get his hands dirty, he is funny that way,  slowly but surely he started to dive in. 
 It was a great sensory play activity, he loved molding the snow in his hands and letting it break up and fall through his fingers. 
 Then he let all the smiles, laughs, and giggles loose!
 I let him play with the snow for about 20 minutes and then I surprised him with some magic. I gave him a squirt bottle full of vinegar and let him have at it, making it magical snow. Though I ended up spraying the snow mostly, he of course had to give his go at it. 
 Squeezing with all his might. 
Oh Ahh....
Who thought fluffy dry snow was fun, but wet snow was even better, though I didn't intend of letting him lay after the vinegar, but couldn't say know when he was having so much fun. 
I think little hands are so cute! 
 Look at me!
 And if I didn't think he was already all boy, he decided to get even more messy :)
 We had a lot of fun bringing snow into the house, if we don't get much snow the rest of the season, we will have to try some of the other variations of indoor snow play. 

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