Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine's Day Tradition

Valentine's Day was fantastic, no presents were given to each other, only spent time together with our little family, just the way I like it. We have decided though it is good to spend time with your spouse, we feel Valentine's a great way to show your kids how much you love them too, so this day is a family day!

I have been a slacker lately and have not spent quality time with my little guy, so on Thursday the day before Valentine's we made our little thumb people Valentine's cards for the grandparents. They turned out cute and we have fun making them, each one of us and our thumbprints. 
 Another one of our Valentine's Day crafts the kids and I painted this size for Daddy to have at his work after the month is over. Carson's little hand print, and Sydni's foot prints, love this idea I got of pinterest, I say successes! That reminds me I need to pull out Carson's first Valentine's Day foot prints to compare to Sydni's for curiosity sake.
As a last minute idea, I decided to decorate the table, I didn't buy anything that day, just looked in my scrap booking supplies and there you have it. I made personal conversation hearts and place them around the table, placing the special ones where each of my special people sat. Near Carson were the hearts that read 'lovable', and 'loving'. By Robert I placed a 'kiss me 'of course and 'best friend', and of course 'hottie', and finally by Sydni I place one little heart that read 'cutie pie' because she is!
The best picture we got of our Cutie Pie next to her conversation heart, she kept wanting to ripe it off. 
With our window markers I wrote a message to my family, letting them know that I love them. On a side note, love these markers. 
For dinner we cooked our very own salmon dinner for the very first time, and it was delicious. I found a recipe on pinterest and ran with it, we loved it! We also had wild rice and salad with poppyseed dressing, and finally for dessert no bake cheese cake. MMM is all I can say about our Valentine's dinner, we will have to make salmon more often. 
Another one of our traditions for the holiday is to take pictures of the family, this year we had a tripod that we purchase not long ago from a friend to help us take our pictures. 
I couldn't help myself and post a few of the shots we got of the kids.
 They love to play together, Sydni face lights up every time she sees her big brother Carson. Carson on the other hand, always asks if Sydni can play with him. 
By this time Carson was beginning to be done with taking pictures, but we wanted to see if we could get a few other pictures, so we took pictures of us and the kids. 
Love their little smiles, brightens my day each and everyday. 
That concluded our Valentine's Day traditions, but we took a few more pictures during the night of our little princess being adorably cute. 
Our future Yoga instructor practicing her downward dog, and doing pretty well I might add. 
 Adorable is that is needed for this picture. 
 Finally as of late she has loved blowing raspberries and making funny faces, so we just had to capture it on camera, silly girl. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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