Monday, February 3, 2014

Melting Hearts

Ever thought about throwing away little bitty crayon bits, or thought what to do with them because you can't even really color with them. I know I have being a lover of coloring, so I got to thinking about what I could do with them to make them new again. Well today Carson and I had fun making the crayons new again!

First step we dumped out Carson's crayon box and found the smallest of the small crayons and put them in a pile. This may not seem like a lot of crayons, but you will be surprised just how many crayon mixes they made. 
Next with my little helper we tore off all the paper, I cheated and used a knife, went a lot quicker after that. 
This part of the project really kept Carson entertained and help him work on his fine motor skills. 
 He was so proud when he got his first paper off and just had to show it off!
All crayons have been de-wrapped and ready to be cooked, just kidding but Carson wanted to make food with them, thus the spatula. 
Next we worked n sorting and learning our colors, I got out lots of cups and had Carson sort the crayons into the colors, he did pretty good and I think he has learned a couple more colors, so I call that success. Who said learning had to be book work and busy work, it can be lots of fun. 
Next came the destroying or breaking of the crayons, this by far was his FAVORITE part of the whole project. 
 Though I personally would have spread around the colors more and not had so many dark colors together, I let Carson choose his color combinations, and I was quite please with the color patterns that came out in the end. 
Into the oven at 350 degrees for 10 to melt and mix.
 Waiting ever so patiently for them to come out. 
Ding, Ding, Ding.  Picture taken immediatly after coming out of the oven, pretty neat!
I let them cool on the counter for about 20 minutes before popping them out of the heart molds, and we beheld new and cool heart shaped crayons for Valentine's Day. 

The front part of the crayons, such pretty color combinations. 
 I had to take a picture of the backs of the crayons because I noticed on many of the crayons the back pattern was completely different. Though you can not tell in the pictures, we added a little bit of glitter to the crayons as they melted, now they are sparkly as well, I love the added glitter touch. 
And of course we had to try them out and color ourselves. 
 Little Picasso going at it, such concentration. 
 He thought it was pretty cool that he would color and it would as if like magic to him the color would change. 
 Then Daddy came home and colored with us for a moment, he drew a pretty cool train and truck for Carson, two of his favorite things. 
 Success, one happy little boy!
It appears he loves coloring almost as much as his Mama does!
We had a lot of fun making new crayons out of our old crayons and making them festive as well.

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