Thursday, February 13, 2014


As part of the 25 days of Christmas blog posts I did I introduced Carson to play-dough and he has been hooked ever since, he frequently asks to play play-dough. Because he has loved playing play-dough as much as he has I put together a activity Mat that he can use with is play-dough. If this ABC mat continues to be a great hit I will print out other pages that he can use to explore his imagination. Thank you pinterest for opening my eyes to play-dough mats! 

I made 11 sets of these ABC mats for a neighborhood busy activity exchange, excited to see what fun new activities we will get back in return!

Well back to the real reason for the post, on Monday we had our good friend Akane over for some good old fun, we have loved getting to know her and spending time with her over these past few months. We consider a long life family friend even when she does return back to Japan, we hope to stay in contact for years to come. 

Not sure how this whole silliness and imagination all began, but it was sure fun to laugh at each other in fun. 
 Our black masked bandits Carson and Akane. 
 Then Carson said "Dad picture, Carson" this is what he came up with :)
 Man Robert lay off the blue raspberry koolaid!
 Yosemite Sam, or is that Akane, I can't quite tell. 
 Apparently my facial hair comes in bright orange. 
 A sneak peak at what Carson may look like once he can grow facial hair. 
 Akane has grown horns, I guess she has been around us Mormons too long. Just kidding, I really have hard time understanding why some of those not of our faith truly believe we have horns. 
 Carson was laughing hysterically when I pretended to eat his snake, by the end he really wanted me to bite it, I declined. 
 Nacho Libre
 Mr Incredible, and that he is!
Take one, laughing.
 Take two, still laughing.
 Take, not sure, but finally success without laughing. 
To round out silliness, bug eyes for Carson and Mom

Laughing is truly the best medicine!

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