Thursday, August 29, 2013

Eaten Alive

On Monday night we decided to go on a family walk around our neighborhood as a family, mostly so I could achieve 15,000 steps in a day. However, we learned why we should never go on an evening walk again in our neighborhood, just look at these pictures and you will understand.
Carson got about 9 mosquitoes bits on his face and at least 10 on his legs. This is a lot by the end of the walk we were practically running to get away from the mosquitoes. Since then Carson has been on benadryl to help alleviate his reaction to them. Though you can still see where all the bites were and his right leg is still a bit swollen, poor little guy. 
 I also received a bunch of mosquitoe bites and I swelled up, when all the swelling had gone down I had 9 in a mater of one finger length space, talk about congregation. Robert received many, lucky for him non of them bothered him as much as they did Carson and I, and little miss Sydni receive only one on the top of her head, luckily. 
 Unfortunately our family night walks will cease until we move from this area of Springville, can't take the risk with Carson's allergy, bummer because I love walks.  FYI mine are still bugging me, so itchy.

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