Friday, August 9, 2013

7 Peaks

For the past two years as a family we have gotten 7 peaks passes, which we will continue to do as long as we can afford it, we have so much fun when we go! In June Carson and myself would go at least one a week sometimes a second time with Daddy. It was fun to see Carson so at ease in the wave pool unlike last year when he was pretty afraid of it. This year he has no fear and I  mean no fear, he will go out until he can't touch anymore and still is having fun! However, as is expected we didn't go at all in July because of the birth of Sydni and we missed it, so this past Saturday we went back to 7 Peaks, this time as a family of four. 

We got the kids all in their swimsuits and headed out and of course we had to document Sydni's first swimming experience. She didn't swim in the normal since, but I did dip her feet in the water as well as her little bum, and I was quit surprised that she didn't oppose being in the water. 
Our little family of 4 

Sydni and I were not in the water too long, just long enough for her. We got out of the pool and what would a almost 6 week baby do at a pool, of course take a nap. 

 After a short nap we had a little photo shoot, who could resist a cute baby in a cute little swimsuit? I sure can't!
While Sydni and I were out of the pool, I took the opportunity to take a few pictures of Carson and Daddy playing in the wave pool without their knowledge. Carson was having so much fun in the waves, going under the water, being thrown in the pool with his Daddy.
Carson and Robert looked up right at the perfect time, love this picture!
 Having some fun
For a little while I could not find Carson and Robert, turns out that Carson went on his first big slide with Dad. He liked going down, but Robert lost his balance and could not sit up so at the end the both went under the water, he was not so sure he liked that! Eventually I was ready to switch kids and play with Carson, we spent our time in the kidy pools because the wave pool was closed to be cleaned when Carson and I decided go in it. We had a great time and 7 peaks, look forward to many more fun times as a family. 

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