Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Utah County Fair 2013

We took our family tractor(aka Van) down to the county fair in Spanish Fork for some fun this past weekend, we had a blast. It must have been our families' night to go, because we saw Teresa and Jaime and their family, Lisa and her kids, and Mama and Daddy, it was fun to see everyone enjoying something together. 

We specifically went to the fair to see the big Lego set up they had last year, because Carson loved it last year again. He could barely walk, but he always made his way back to the Lego set without us having to show him where to go, it was cute to watch him that little and know exactly where he wanted to go.

Upon arrival Carson got a bonus, a large train that the kids could climb in and ring the bell, it was pretty awesome, he loved it!

 Carson the engineer, looks so tiny compared to the big train.
 Hi mom.
 Carson took daddy on his train, I wonder who is driving?
In order to get Carson to leave the train, Daddy had to remind Carson there was another train to see, and he came immediately. We ended up getting a few pictures of Carson with the Lego train, but wished we could have gotten better ones. 
 Waiting for the train, can you tell he was excited. He would jump up and down every time the train came around.
Next we headed off to the small animal petting area, but not without a few tears shed because we were leaving the train ( a few tears, understatement of the year!) However, when he got to the animals he thought that was pretty cool too? They had rabbits, cows, pigs, goats, and chickens. Carson even got to hold one of the rabbits, he got shocked when it jumped out of his hands though. However, his favorite animal to hold was the baby goat. While he was holding the baby goat, a little girl kept trying to take it away from him, he continued to squeeze it harder and say "mine, mine" I was praying he didn't squeeze it to tight. 
As soon as he realized we were leaving the small petting area he bolted to where the Legos were set up, Robert was barely able to keep an eye on him, that is how fast he went.  After a little longer at the Lego station we had to take him bawling from the shed that housed the Legos to leave because baby sister was getting hungry and so was everyone else including Carson though he would not admit it. But as you may of guessed we were really not leaving because he played again on the large train at the entrance to the fair grounds for a little bit until Sydni really had enough. We came into the fair with two happy children and left the fair with two crying children, but it was still a fun evening.

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