Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fun in the rain

On Tuesday Carson, Sydni and I decided to get a much needed break from inside so we headed to the clubhouse playground. While we were there it decided to sprinkle on us, we decided that would not keep us from having fun, I just covered up the baby and we continued to play until Daddy game home from lunch. It was a good opportunity for Carson to run and play and release some energy, it was also a perfect temperature to be outside, not this 90 and 100 degree weather that has preventing us from having fun outside. 

Carson took the time to climb on anything he could, included the big green slide all by himself. 
 His faces say VICTORY!
Wish this picture was better, but he was have so much fun trying to climb up the blue slide. Unfortunately he was not successful this time, but almost. Maybe next time Bubba.
Love his smile as he made it across the cable bridge.
 Still happy even with those war wounds called mosquitoes bites.
 First step
 Second step
 Wet bum from the rain I promise.
 Very determined to reach those slides.
Wow, I think this is going a little too fast!

It was fun to change up the routine and spend some time outside, we are looking forward to the being able to do it more often as Summer turns into Fall

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