Thursday, August 29, 2013

2 Months

Guess who is 2 months old? Yes, our little miss Sydni turned two months old last Saturday, and yes through the rough times with her these last two months which thought they would last for ever, but in reality they have flown by! She has begun to smile and we can't help but smile back and talk to her as she uses her cooing to talk back, love her little coos. 

Sydni's 2 month Stats
Weight: 12 lbs 10 oz (76%)
Length: 23 inches (68%)
Head: 38.5 cm (52%)

So as we can see she is growing, in fact she is bigger than Carson was at this age, he was 12 pounds 2 oz, 24 inches, and his head was 29 centimeters.

 Miss Sydni 2 months old!
All ready for church

  • She smiled for the first time on August 2, and we love getting her to smile!
  • She has a new found love the SWING! I am loving it too, lets me get some things done around the house
  • She is still not a good sleeper, she wakes up multiple times during the night, and usually will not eat much
  • Going through a rough patch with nursing currently. She is really fussy and refuses to eat, after meeting with Dr. Harrison yesterday we believe she does not like the quick flow of my milk. Going to try a few different positions and see if that helps any. Currently she likes laying down to nurse, which is not a convenient position when you are out on the go.
  • She is pretty good at holding her head up now, 
  • She is beginning to recognize our faces and zero in on us when we are talking to her. 
  • She is starting to talk back in her little "coos," love them!
  • She prefers to be looking around now and be out of her car seat when ever possible.
  • Loves sitting outside in her bouncer and is content for hours. 
  • She hates sleeping on her back, so we have moved her to her stomach despite medical recommendations. 
  • She is much more demanding than Carson ever was, she is one little diva that is for sure. 
  • She is beginning to figure out how to use her hands and I find them sometimes in her mouth, just can't quite get them to stay where she wants them to yet, but that will be soon. 
  • She loves to watch her brother as he goes around and around her, however, unfortunately he has fallen on her a few times so that is a dangerous game. I can personally say babies are not has fragil as many people claim them to be, she is tough one.                  
In her new found napper, the SWING!  
 My Smiling Beauty  
Just a cute picture!
Brother and Sister time! It is interesting to note that I have friends who have older daughters who just love to help with the their younger sibling, however, Carson is content to leave her alone most of the time, must be the difference between boy and girls which are divine qualities. However, he does like to be around her and hold her quite often, especially when I am taking pictures of Sydni

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