Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fun around the house

 It has been pretty hot this summer and thus unfortunately we have not spent much time outside, so we have had to make due having fun inside together. Recently Carson decided to get out his train set he got for his birthday, he even decided that the set needed another bridge which he got from the packing our laptop came in, so ingenious for a 2 yr old.  
And We have watched lots of movies some of our favorites lately have been, "The Lorax," "Up," "Cars," and "Toy Story 3." If Carson wants "The Lorax, " he says trees. If he wants "Up," he says snipe. I love how he is coming up with words to describe exactly what he wants makes it much more easy to please him. And when we can we try to make it outside to play with friends, he loves to color with chalk. We can't wait for the fall air to start rolling in and you better believe you will find the 3 of our house side more during the day, this week has been great with the rain has cooled things on quite a bit!

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