Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Fun

Summer is always fun when doughnuts are involved, see just look at his face. The only things he will let stay on his hands are doughnut frosting and Nutella everything else has to be wiped up immediately, funny kid.


 For the past couple of weeks, Carson has decided that watching a movie is more fun laying on you stomach with her hands on your chin, I would tend to agree. This movie must have been boring he is out like a light. 

Last week I finally decided Carson might be old enough to play with play dough. Turns out he might be still a bit young, but he enjoyed it non the less. His favorite thing to do was pull it apart in the pieces.

I made a little snake and placed it on his shoulder he thought that was pretty funny! So I continued to make lots of snakes while we played. 

 He also found out that play dough does not taste very good, I guess the best way to discover something is by trying. It was fun being able to spend some uninterrupted time with him and play with him, it is not very often this happens anymore with a newborn, but it is happening more frequently again, love my little boy.

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