Wednesday, August 14, 2013

50 years

Over the weekend we had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time in Ely, Nevada celebrating 50 years of marriage for my Grandma and Grandpa O'Donnell, it doesn't surprise me one bit that they have stayed together that long and it will be through eternities I am sure of it. Wish we could have stayed longer than just a day, but I would do anything to celebrate a milestone such as this, it still boggles my mind how many people think divorces will solve all their problems, what ever happened to working through our problems and differences? My grandparents have been a great influence in my life, I remember the good times spending camping, summers in Ely, pine nut picking, sitting around learning of my ancestors, swimming and the MiGill swimming hole and loving ever minute I got to spend with them, not many people can say they got to spend that much time with their grandparents. Spending lots of time with them is just one perk of being the oldest grandchild and I have loved every minute of it. They are great examples of how a marriage should work and how to raise a wonderful family, their greatest gift of course is my dear sweet mother, I thank them for raising such a great woman that I call my mother. Can't wait for what more in in store for us as a family!

The travelers, Carson, Sydni, Aubree, and Austin. 
 Can't forget the front passengers Robert and myself
Such a relaxing trip that seems as an adult to go so much quicker than it did as a child!

We left from home about 7 in the morning and arrived in Ely about 10 in the morning, unfortunately we didn't get to ride the free train as it was already booked, but it did give us more time to visit as a family and meet lots of family that we had never met or don't remember meetings.

Our adorable kids on the car ride out to Ely

Carson really loved playing and getting to know my Grandma's sister Shawn he had a great time!

My grandma wanted to a big family picture of the whole bunch of us and a various few pictures, they turned out great, thanks Jaime for being willing to help us celebrate and give our Grandparents some nice keepsakes. 

In the words of my Grandma " First there were two, then there were 5, followed by 14 more cute, fun loving grandkids. And the generations continue with these cute 5 great grands. Wow, how blessed can two people be?"

First Came 2 wonderful people
Next came 5
Then those 3 kids found spouses
Then came those fun loving 14 grand-kids(Missing 2)
Next game a few extra spouses, and finally 5 great-grands
The whole crazy, fun bunch!

I am so blessed to be eternally sealed to all of these wonderful people, and I am sure there are more to come!

After the pictures Carson took some time and played with Grandpa, he sure loves his grandpa.

After pictures it was time for lunch at the La Fiesta Mexican restaurant  where we were blessed with Carson falling asleep before dinner was even served. Those with kids, know eating out with a 2 yr old is not always the most enjoyable so we count this as a blessing. (Hopefully I can get a picture that my brother took on his iPhone to document the occasion, because it really did happen.) Obtained the picture to document this one of a kind moment. 

Then is was time for the anniversary part, it turned out great if I do say so myself!

 Many people came to show their love and support for my grandparents, including dear family and friends who made it a surprise that they were going to be attending. As a family we got a couple of wedding cakes including one that had their original wedding picture printed on it, as well as a golden anniversary cake. In addition we put together a keepsake memory book with pictures through the years of family and friends and loved ones, included in the back was a few pages where those who came could write some thoughtful messages to the wonderful couple. I know they appreciated both of these surprises. 

We held the traditional cutting of the cake, sweet as ever these two!
Can't you just see the love these two have for each other?

Kids having fun at the party!

Mom and Dad with Sydni at the party.

During the party, being the loving and caring man he is Robert took the kids to the park to play so I could relax and visit with family and friends I had not seen in years, thanks honey. 

I was told that Carson went up and down this gigantic slide(Robert estimates it being at least 15 feet tall) all by himself, surprising because a few days earlier he was afraid to climb up his Aunt Teresa's play slide by himself, growing up quickly I guess. 
He looks so small climbing up the slide.

Oh, I forgot to mention Carson also practice with UNLV football this weekend, and he left it all out of the field. This impartial mom thinks my boy made the time, hehe.
He has his game face on

Sunday afternoon we all joined each other and went to church, what a need experience to be in church learn and feeling the spirit with a whole bunch of your extended family.

Turns out Carson was pretty worn out from the day before festivities, he seemed to have a lot of energy, but before we knew it he had passed out on Grandpa in sacrament meeting and was out the entire time.
An additional blessing received besides the ones already mentioned, was that Sydni slept over 6 hours on Saturday night and over 7 hours Sunday night, can't beat that. She must have been worn out, can't say I felt any different, but I would not have missed it for anything!

Sydni and Grandpa Payne during Sunday lunch before going home. As always Dad doesn't like pictures, but cute non the less.
Sydni sleeping soundly on the car ride home. 
I thought it was cute the way her had was laid out on the cars eat so I had Austin take a picture. 

It was a great, fun evening spent with two wonderful people who mean the world to me, thanks for being my grandparents, love you both! I am blessed to be eternally sealed to both of you and the posterity you have created by staying true to your covenants made in the temple the day you were sealed as husband and wife. 

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  1. Loved this Dee! YOu are so right, families are eternal, and I pray I can be good enough for all of you. Those summers were some of my fondest memories, except for the orange juice toe! How I love being around you and your cousins.